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    ACB DLC`s where to buy ?

    Hey i started AC Brotherhood playing today and im very interessed in the Da Vinci dlc and maybe something other if they are singleplayer .

    I nowhere found the dlc to buy as single only in limited editions and not in the uplay shop ?

    does anybody know how to get the dlc with the standard edition ?

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    If you are really on PC then this DLC is already included in any available version. You just need to activate it. In Ubi launcher press "rewards" ****on and purchase DaVinci Disappearance for 0 Uplay points. Than run your game. You need to do it while online. But after this you can play this DLC in offline mode as well.

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    thx i never checked the rewards ****on because i thought that they are only achievments like the steam ones

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