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    GRN a No Go on Samsung Galaxy S with Android

    GRN a No Go on Samsung Galaxy S with Android .... click to start it ... screen goes completely black ... application closes ---- never see anything

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    Is it the Samsung Galaxy S2?. Ghost Recon Network - Q&A | Forums

    I have an Android phone, but I can’t install the app on my phone, may you help?

    The Android app has been officially tested on a limited number of mobile and tablets (Galaxy S2, Galaxy Tab 10.1, HTC Sensation, HTC Desire HD, Galaxy Note). If your mobile or tablet is not part of that list, we can’t guarantee that it will function at this point in time. We will do our best however to ensure compatibility by game launch where technically possible. If the app is working or not working with a phone in that list, please let us know at !

    Note that the update for the Android app unlocking beta features (weapon sync, gunsmith gallery access etc) will come after we have released the web version of the GRN.

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    It does work on Galaxy S that's been loaded with Android 4 Ice Cream. of course doing so is at your own risk as the full Android 4 is not officially supported by Samsung for the Galaxy S.

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