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    Who wants to be a Ghost and have a fun time with no stress or pressure!

    Task Force Dagger [TFD] is FAMILY-FRIENDLY, FUN, XBOX 360 NON-COMPETITIVE, multi-gaming shooter clan that has a strong close family-community. The games we play are primarily Military/Sci-Tactical Shooters – R6V2, BF3 and Ghost Recon Future Soldier and four player co-op games (i.e.: Mass Effect 3, Black Ops – Zombies and anything else). Games that actually involve and encourage working together and team game play; thereby, creating a sense of belonging and camaraderie among TFD Members which a very important part of Task Force Dagger [TFD].

    Task Force Dagger [TFD] is not about skill, winning or losing or kill/death ratios. Simply put we play for the fun, camaraderie and the love of gaming…since it is just a game. So if you are not the most skilled player that is fine with us…since skill is not a requirement to join Task Force Dagger (TFD), and we do not have clan tryouts and we do not ask you to change your XBL Gamertag. We do have skilled TFD Members but let’s face it a non-competitive gaming clan is about the friendliness, integrity, respect and commitment of its members not the skill.

    Task Force Dagger [TFD] is a place where TFD Members know each other, have a fun time, have a sense of belonging in a fun gaming clan environment. A fun gaming clan environment that is sociable, safe, respectful, relaxed and stress free of: getting the highest kill/death ratios, pressure of winning, judging gamers skill levels, trash-talking, potty mouths, bullying, spawn camping, and cheating.

    Task Force Dagger [TFD] is a perfect place for gamers who are new to the Xbox 360 world of gaming or never have been in an Xbox 360 gaming clan before. Our TFD Members are fun guys who have a passion for gaming and for Task Force Dagger [TFD], and are always on the lookout for good TFD Members who are friendly, respectful, reliable, and have good sportsmanship; and who want to belong to a gaming clan that offers something different.

    Go to the Task Force Dagger (TFD) Web Site and fill out a TFD Application. WE HAVE A FEW GRFS BETA KEYS TO GIVE AWAY TO FUTURE TFD MEMBERS!
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    Just appled.
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    Nice talking to you and welcome to TFD. You will really like it here...many Ghost Recon Games love it here.
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    Cant wait for future soldier to come out so we can run some matches.
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    Anyone looking for a good group of guys and a group that goes beyond gaming should look into TFD. We are team oriented and want to make sure everyone has a good time. If you are interested go to the website. Our leader is easy going and will set up an interview quickly. If you dont apply then you are missing out on some good new friends.
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    We are still looking for new members. TFD is all about teamwork and communication. We are a growing community looking to have good members who want to play GRFS and other games coming out. Apply at the website. I look forward to gaming with some of you soon.
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    I would really like to join but i'm hardly ever on xbox live
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    I just put in my application I hope to hear from TFD soon!
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    If yuou are looking for a clan that plays alot of ghost recon then this is NOT the clan for you. I just left fr this reason. A good group of guys who play a variety of games but i was lead to believe it would be alot of ghost recon and it was not. Make your decision based on what you are looking for.

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    As my friend said we are a family friendly gaming clan, we have around 25 members total all are active and play a variety of our supported games, also let me address that comment above, we do play ghost recon a great deal not 24/7 but if your on in the afternoon there will be at least 3 people playing it nearly every day. Last thing if you don't have a good attitude stay away we genuinely look for good people who most importantly play as a team and respect each other, thank you hope to see you soon.
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