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    GRN Freezing

    Every time I start up GRN then try to log in and connect on the gunsmith page It freezes just as soon I hit log in. Just to clarify I'm talking about when gunsmith has started up and you can use the dropdown at the top to log in.
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    I've had the same problem with Gunsmith freezing when trying to sync to my profile and even when I'm already signed in. Have you also had loading problems? Most of the time it won't even load, but when it does it takes FOREVER!!! Definitely not my bandwidth.

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    First, make sure you only click “login” once and wait at least 60 seconds – there is no progress bar at the moment, so while it may look like your login is hanging while it is actually in progress. You should be taken to the GunSmith main screen, or to the platform selection screen.

    Please be aware it is in beta, if you have any problems please email
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