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    Darkelf Feedback on Ghost Recon Online Beta 2012

    Tonight 1am EST I tried to login several times and received "searching for players" and then connection failed. When I have played I did want to suggest these things:

    The opening menu, I think it would be nice if the start screen character would have more blood on his gloves or sleaves.

    The trees at the 'Mill" should be an area that you can hide or at least enter the tree for additional cover.

    I played for more than an hour and only accumulated 4 points to allow me to upgrade my weapons etc.. I agree that this should not be easy but for newbies this may pose as too great of a challenge and they may lose interest unless they are a hardcore fan, which I'm definitely one.

    During the replay or after a kill, lets bump up the blood splatter and get the killer (other player) that extra bonus felling that we either got a great head shot or that we really got a great kill by adding in thing like revenge kill or more blood even.

    How about adding a super training mode so that users can really try out different speeds of their movement, so we will know ok 5 speed is best when playing this game compared to other shooter.

    A training course would be useful such as they did on the movie "starship troopers" before the guy took off his helmet and got shot.

    A great level up option could be that you can carry more grenades etc.

    Warping to a recent location until someone else comes back to life is cool but there should be some type of hot spots in case you have spawn hunters who wait till you spawn in the remembered locations. Random ones if possible. Make it like a star on the make if someone so chooses to select it.

    Overall I feel this will be a great launch and I can't wait to play the campaing mode. It would hae been nice to also give feedback on it as well. I know I have plenty of ideas for now versions of the franchise and future ones. Thanks for letting me be a part. If anyone ever wants to play I'm always ready to enjoy and learn. I'm not as good as I would like to be but you can help. Darkelf875 is my xb name, just send me an invite. Thanks

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    I'm hoping it's just because it's the first night of the beta that the incredible amount of lag in the game will be fixed soon. And also I can't go to full screen even tho I tried using both Firefox and Chrome to play. Anyway I'm hoping once the game is done with it's shake down voyage, it will be one of my favorites especially since I can link it to my Ghost Recon on Xbox360 when I get it.

    Ok I've tried playing for a little longer, but the games freezes for minutes at a time then finally crashed on me, full screen and zoom do not work on any browser I run, Firefox, Safari or Chrome, so maybe I thought it could be my internet connection even tho I have fios it's still possible, now I live in Fort Wayne but my buddy in Florida is having the same issues. So guess it wasn't my connection. In the beta header above the game it's mention the game is for more modern computers or whatever and for a second I thought that could be it my computer just can't handle the power of the game..But I've played Skyrim, Star Wars and Call of Duty on this computer, and you can't tell me a Facebook game needs more processing and graphic power then Skyrim..Please tell me that's not the case here.

    Look I may seem like I'm being hard on the developers but I'm truly excited about this game and I want it to work, cause I have about a dozen friends that want to play it to, but we're all all having problems getting into a game that freezes all the time for minutes, in fact I started typing this 5 minutes ago and the game is still frozen. Please please use this Beta Time to fix this game, I've been looking forward to it since it was announced on Xplay.

    Still a fan of your work and will hang in there a little longer to see if you can fix the small actually tiny but still annoying issues.
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    Wrong section.

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    Hey, guys in Ubi!!! Worst Match Making I have ever seen!!! How you can bee so *****ing amateurs with that?!?!?
    Use your collected data and use your brains!!!

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