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Assassin?s Creed Syndicate Gang 101 Trailer [US]

Assassin?s Creed Syndicate London Calling Trailer [US]

Assassin?s Creed Syndicate Historical Characters Trailer [US]

Assassin?s Creed Syndicate Cinematic TV Spot Trailer [US]

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    Assassins creed 3 soundtrack Aphelion and Precession

    I have read that these were actually made by Jesper Kyd. I was going to post them up earlier but they were taken down by youtube but i found a re uploaded version of them. I love these tracks

    Fan made or not?? listen to both the full videos carefully.

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    Those tracks are by Jesper, but they're from his album "Ultimatum", which came out last year.
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    I did sample listening and thought Precession, Aphelion and Numinous all sound good. Thanks for posting.
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