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    Quote Originally Posted by swamprat69er View Post
    Time for either a new job or a vacation.
    Ahh, indeed. In my case, hopefully sooner than later. I once heard a marine sniper say: "Once you've hunted humans, nothing else matters."


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    Boredom: Noun, Spending three months submerged in a multi-billion dollar steel tube while punching holes in the ocean just to see them fill back up and listening to head phones that are playing the most calming, relaxing, and sleep-inducing sounds of the ocean all the while you are hoping that at some point in time the boat will travel close enough to a little-used shipping lane in the middle of the Atlantic so that you might actually hear a merchant ship 30 to 50 miles away and discussing with your watch team whether or not its possible to hit a whale with a vertically-launched, 54-ton missile and if you managed to accomplish such a feat, what the end result would be.

    My life is accelerated, lol

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    If any of you want the typhoon sub this is the link,

    Might not be realistic for WWII but it sure is fun to blow up ships with nukes. Stay 3000m away or you'll get blown up.

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    Well, quite the happenings going on here! I take leave for a little while (thank you classwork!!) and come back to find a thread about boredom. *facepalm*
    However, I've enjoyed reading some of the many stories posted here thus far, and I feel it would only be proper of me to contribute my story of boredom.

    I once (out of boredom of course ) created a somewhat quickened version of WWII. Using the M.E., I in effect pitted the IJN against the good 'ole US Navy. Granted, it wasn't one bit historically accurate or even remotely realistic, but it was rather fun watching the IJN take on the US Navy in an all-out style naval fight.

    P.S. It was rather staged (I couldn't have the US Navy losing to the IJN) but it was still enjoyable to watch all those battleships and destroyers go at it.
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