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    Week 11 Challenge: We Share the Same Skies (Combo)

    The rules for the song challenges are as follows:

    1) A song and particular arrangement will be posted before Tuesday every week.

    2) There are four competitive categories Beginner (0--69,999), Intermediate (70k--89,999k), Advanced (90k--any yellow score, meaning the song has never been mastered), and Expert (any purple score in Non-Mastermode and/or Mastermode). There is also a separate "honorable mention" category that will identify the player with the highest accuracy percentage on a purple score. If there is a tie between players, the break will got to the player with the longest note streak.

    3) Each participant is allowed to make a single entry in either the Beginner, Intermediate, or the Advanced categories. If the participant qualifies for the Expert category (i.e., a fully mastered song), he/she can enter scores in both Expert-NMM (Non-Mastermode) and Expert-MM (Mastermode).

    4) Entries must be made by replying to the song thread with your score and difficulty in the title (this way we won't have to sift through post content). For example: 248,033 (Expert-MM).

    5) Please only submit one score per song. If you play the song later in the week and do better, go to your original post and edit with the replacement score and pic. However, if you qualify for the Expert category you may submit a score in each division of Expert (Expert-NMM & Expert-MM)

    6) To be entered in the competition you must submit a picture of the song results replay screen (showing score, percentage, and note streak)

    7) All entries must be in before Monday, so by 11:59 Sunday night (based on EST Time Zone or UTC-5 internationally)

    8) A separate thread showing the winners of each difficulty category will be posted by the previous week's winner, and the selection of the following week's song will be the responsibility of one of these winners.

    9) We will rotate the responsibility of selecting the next song and arrangement each week starting with Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and then Expert-MM and Expert-NMM.

    10) In the event that the winner does not respond to a PM notification to start a new thread by Tuesday, the winner of the next category in the rotation will be notified to select an arrangement and start a thread.

    The winner of the Expert-NMM category this week will choose the song challenge for week 12.

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    Senior Member KinchBlade's Avatar
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    Excellent choice sir!
    Currently one of my favourites. I 'd like to have at this one I think, builders permitting.
    Last edited by KinchBlade; 04-23-2012 at 04:52 PM. Reason: I would go out tonight...

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    Oh yeah, this one is a lot of fun to play. I need a break from bending and crazy solos, my fingers can't handle too much more of that, lol. Even though it's much less intensive, the riffs are quick and tricky to catch onto. Keeping a streak going can be tough, for me at least. The double-stop chords are pretty similar, not hard, but still tricky, lots of movement and weird timings. I'm hoping I can get this one down enough to play from memory. Best of luck to everyone though, I am curious to see the scores on this one.

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    Senior Member The_Penguin222's Avatar
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    Alberta Canada
    Can't say I've even listened to this one yet, sounds like a challenge.

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    Senior Member Cloudfuel's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Penguin222 View Post
    Can't say I've even listened to this one yet, sounds like a challenge.
    Glad I'm not the only one who feels this way, lol.

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    123,269 / 230,212 (Expert)

    Last time I tried to level this one up, I struggled with the main riff. This seems like a good excuse to get 3 arrangements that are all sitting between 30-70k mastered.

    108,097 -> 112,591 -> 119,381 -> 123,269
    224,277 -> 230,212
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    This song gives me fumble fingers. I do not have it mastered. I'll put up whatever score I can etch out this week.

    It is not a bad song, and a very catchy tune.

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    I have no memory of this song being in the game. It is weird how some songs just slip past me even though I'm level 11 according to RS. haha.

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    Senior Member SeattleSauve's Avatar
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    119,155/197,167 (Expert)

    I am in Vancouver Fri/Sat/Sun, which are usually my larger playing days, so whatever I get in by Thurs is gonna have to do...


    This song is mocking me. I seem to get a higher score when I mess up on it for some reason.

    For this one I accidentally slipped my hand over an extra fret and missed a bunch of notes in a row before I corrected...This one was the run before which was a cleaner run, but worse score-wise:

    MM: Tried master mode tonight a few times, didn't get my 200k, and won't be around to play Fri/Sat/Sun, so won't improve on this by end of the challenge

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    I like this song, but never got the main riff fully leveled/mastered. Good reason to spend some time in accelerator getting it down. Hopefully will have more time this week than last week.

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