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    Can you help me

    The yamato wont sink!I trie and trie but it wont sink.i got my game yesterday

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    Where is it? If it's in shallow water it may just only settle on the bottom. Use the free cam to see if it's bottomed out on the seabed.

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    The Yamato is a hard ship to sink, can take 8-12 torps depending on mods. Try to spread damage along the ship. Also, given enough time ships repair damage like your sub, but it can take them awhile.

    As Donna said if it's in shallow water it may hit bottom, but the deck is above, so since you can flood it out to sink you must sink it by damage points which can take a few more torps, but you can sink it in shallow water. Regardless, try hitting underneath the turrents and engine rooms

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    Welcome to the SH Forums, landt2012. Happy to have you with us.

    You'll find that the Yamato is one of the hardest ships to sink in the Imperial Navy. How many torpedoes have you hit the ship with. Or as Donna mentioned you might have caught it in shallow water.

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    I have yet to encounter or hunt the Yamato yet, my goal is to finish this 100K ton patrol, do another war patrol on the Pike and maybe if I can transfer to a 6/4 boat I will go hunt her down, but I do imagine that if you hit her with your fore tubes and she doesn't sink, it takes about 2 hours for a good reload team to load up 4 tubes.

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