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    Lightbulb Need Help At HAWX2!

    Dear Ubisoft,

    I had purchased HAWX2 along with the Open Sky DLC on steam. Recently when I was trying to play it, I encountered some issues. When I had downloaded HAWX2 off steam and launched it for the first time, as always it asked me for a cdkey so that I could activate this game on my Uplay account. There are two cdkeys in the cdkey section at the Game Library of my steam, one is for the base game and one is for the Open Sky DLC. The problem is, when I was to enter the cdkey as requested, I mistakenly entered the one for the Open Sky DLC but not the one for the base game, and to my surprise it passed and I was granted access to the game! I have been able to launch and login with my account on the Ubisoft Game Launcher of HAWX2 since then, but when I enter the game and try to play the multiplayer, it keeps telling me that "There is a problem with the online connection, please try again later." even though I can login to the Game Launcher with no problem. In addition, I had also purchased Splinter Cell COnviction DELUXE with the dlc on steam, activated them and I can play the game online with no problem. Now I wonder if this issue of mine has anything to do with me mistakenly entered the wrong key to activate the HAWX2 game? If so then can any of you at Ubisoft help me somehow cancel that activation and let me enter the key to activate the game again? I myself find no options to enter the key again and due to this issue I can't even go to the "Exclusive Content" to view and activate the dlc again!

    Days ago I had already submitted a support ticket (case number #120416-000263) about this with details inside and so far I have heard nothing from you and that's why I'm writing to you on this forum, can you please give me some response so I can know that you are still working on customer support?


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    My problem is resolved, thank you Ubisoft!

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    Hello YANGZHUO336

    The issue that you are coming across does not have anything to do with the activation key. Once you are in the game you have successfully used the key and should never have to worry about that again.

    The problem that you are coming across now is connecting to the multiplayer servers for H.A.W.X. 2. The error that you are getting generally is caused by a firewall or antivirus software blocking the game from connecting to the H.A.W.X. 2 multiplayer servers. You will need to make sure that your network is setup correctly for the game to connect to the servers properly.

    HAWX 2, when played behind a home router or a firewall, may require special configuration to work properly.

    An easy way to make HAWX 2 work behind your router is to setup your gaming PC as the DMZ. To learn about how to setup your gaming PC as the DMZ, check your router's documentation.

    If you don't want to set your gaming PC as the DMZ, then you'll have to do some special configuration to your router or firewall to make sure all the game's features work properly.

    Here are the ports you'll have to open, or forward:
    38967 & 3074 ports for online game data
    17889 - for LAN session discovery.

    Keep in mind that the some of the ports listed here may be restricted for your region.

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    Thanks for your info but my case is that when I checked my game yesterday, I was once again required for a key to activation and as I entered the right key this time I finally get access to multiplayer. In addition, I also activated the dlc using the dlc key I previously entered in mistake. Nothing ever to do with ports imo, so its still about the key I used, don't you think?

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    The issues that you are coming across have to do with you not connecting to the servers correctly.

    You will need to follow the steps on making sure that your network is setup correctly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pennygod View Post
    The issues that you are coming across have to do with you not connecting to the servers correctly.

    You will need to follow the steps on making sure that your network is setup correctly.
    Thanks for your concern again pennygod
    To put it as simple as I can, I'm not using a router and my home Internet connection type is PPPoE, so I'm pretty sure that it has nothing to do with the ports issues you mentioned about. As I stated in my last reply, I was once again been asked for a cdkey to activate the game on my uplay account, I figured either it was Ubisoft's system finally auto detected my key as invalid after all these days I've been waiting and finally de-activate it, or those helpful guys at your support department solved the issue for me as I asked in my support ticket. Anyway, point is now my problems are all resolved, thanks again for your help Ubisoft!
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    Unhappy installed,did not ask for key,updated patch,then shows updating launcher always!!!!

    I installed , did not ask for cd key, there was an automatic patch update. then when i clicked the icon it always shows Ubisoft game Launcher Updating. the game does not start after that. i downloaded the game launcher twice still updating and the game does not start. before the update starts it shows "no product id specified" Please help!!!
    using XP sp3.

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    please what is the CD Key for H.A.W.X 2 please....


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    whre can i found the cd key for splinter cell convication?

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