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    FarCry1 (PC) gauging interest

    Any fans of the original still out there?

    Im long time server admin, modder and fan of the original cryengine and FarCry1. Looking to maybe spark up a community of like -minded gamers. I have already launched a few servers in the USA region and would love to gather some interest to go ****her with website, downloads, resources for installing, tweaking playing, hosting FarCry1.

    I see many issues already on these forums I can help with...especially multiplayer and hosting very good FarCry servers...much improved in last few years.

    Bump this if you would like to enjoy some oldschool stressless fun gaming!!!

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    Senior Member ronster2011's Avatar
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    Love the original game and to be honest I don't recall playing multi-player on it but anyway great game

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    I just saw a trailer for Far Cry 3 and am getting the bug to play the first Far Cry. Steam has Far Cry 1 and Far Cry 2 both for $9.99 and I’m wondering which version would be the better game play.

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    You still have Far Cry 1 servers running? Definitely interested.

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    I have heard of some problems with Windows 7 but I could play it on Vista if it’s a problem. It’s one of those really good games I never got around to playing. I'm just looking for the single player experience.
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    I'm a huge fan of Far Cry 1. Back in the day of it being new and original, and when LAN parties were still the happening thing, we used to have huge matches and tournaments with Far Cry, Half-Life 1 Deathmatch, Team Fortress (when it was just a mod and not a pay-to-play then F2P game) and Quake 2. But I always enjoyed Far Cry because it was the first game in a modern setting that allowed the use of vehicles. Maybe MOHAA was first, but I didn't play that until later.
    I just picked up a copy of Far Cry from GoG and would dearly love to get the multiplayer running but even after patching to 1.4 the game won't log-in to
    Anyone here know whats up?
    To note I'm using the 64-Bit version.

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    Make sure your anti virus / internet security software is not blocking far cry from communicating with

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    I'm running Windows 7, and have both Farcry 1 + 2 on my computer, they both work fine with out any problems what so ever.

    Uncle Bob

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    I still play Far Cry 1 now and then but only on single player.I have just replayed the Ascent map by a guy called Gary who did some great single player maps.

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    Been looking for Far Cry 1 to try it out. Really liked Far Cry 3 but did NOT like Far Cry 2, for some reason the GPS/MAP process was cumbersome to me and made it a chore getting everywhere. is Far Cry 1 the same? I looked on Steam but couldn't find it or on UBISOFT to download. Any ideas?

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