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    Winger534.......I saw a post on here about the game slows down when the Pharmacy is full. Mine was full so I "cured out" my patients waiting in the pharmacy and my game speed has improved. It's still not perfect but much much better. You might give that a try if you have patients waiting in your pharmacy and see if that helps you out. Good luck!

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    may I ask where this group is whats the name id like to join please ty

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    Sure is the link to the group...

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    The lag IS much better but as Karen has isn't quite back to normal yet...still quite "choppy"...

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    Hi i see most of these people are from the group ,,I too noticed the lag of the game as of yesterday as well as i dont have any meds ,,today it is worse...not sure if maybe there are too many people on the server at once or what the issue is,,sadly to say id like to inquire about this issue to ubisoft ,being 1 of the admin in the group ,i can see everyones issues and try to contact ubisoft so i can relay information back ,,but its hard to do that when I dont get a response back!

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    Thanks for letting us know. We like to keep our team informed about these things and they'll be happy to know it's better and will keep working to make it right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Winger534 View Post
    Ok...something has happened to this game and it isn't of today all of the Mini-Games suck due to lag...and I WILL NOT be playing until it is fixed...just glad I have finished all of the cases available thus far...I may not have all stars filled..but that it is impossible to do with the lag at this point..
    Your not the only one. it has been like that for 4 days on me. it sucks. i was up there too. and im on case 4 and the lag is ****ty. this is a great game, but they need to work out the quirks.

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    Hi it didn't start happening to me til I added over 7 new neighbors than I noticed the lag so now I want to drop acouple neighbors but have no way of knowing how to....any Help---thanx

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    It seems that if you play mini games, especially the Blood Work Lab, in full screen, it behaves a little better. Visit Adobe Flash's website to make sure your player and plug in's are up to date. If you use Firefox, you can type the following in your browser... about : plug ins, then click the option for "are my plug ins up to date", to automatically make sure you have the newest ones. If your browser gives you trouble with animations on other games or sites, consider creating a new Firefox or Google Chrome profile, since your current browser user profile may be corrupt. Here are links for the processes I mentioned above. Hope this helps and have a great day.
    Check plugins:


    Create new profile to get rid of errors:

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