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    Senior Member Scorch621's Avatar
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    Oct 2008
    I think I'm a good scout(at least my friend tells me anyway)
    I go for the objective, have a mic, dont shout unless you count going "woah!" when I dont see my imminent death coming...
    I like team play.
    I've also got what sounds like a british accent, but I'm a south african, living in the UK...if that helps lol.

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    Junior Member robotninjay's Avatar
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    Apr 2012
    Bristol, UK

    I'm 31 and live in the UK. I work quite late most evenings but I'm enjoying messing about with this beta on the 360 from about 2100 each week night and the occasional early morning before the missus wakes up.

    I'm happy to add anyone in the UK in a similar situation as there's a good chance I'll pick the game up on release and would like to be able to play the campaign with some like minded boys and girls.

    Also, for the record, I've got SC:Conviction and both (new) Operation Flashpoints that could really do with some co op love.

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    Member VlCiOuSV's Avatar
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    Apr 2012
    I play very often. Add me up guys before this beta ends!! lol i will be getting the full game when it comes out so i need some people to squad up with who is buying the game aswell.


    I will not be buying it for the Xbox although i have tested the beta on the Xbox aswell.

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    Member Ghost_Nthe_Smok's Avatar
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    Apr 2012
    In the smoke
    PSN name: Ghost_Nthe_Smoke, class: Scout, mic: yeah I guess, location: US eastern time zone
    Add me if you're looking for a good scout.

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    xbox gametag: nrm21122
    37 but will be 38 by the time the game hits; got a mic and will play any class. Not the best scout but good with the UAV and the assaults LMG.
    Eastern time zone

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    Xbox: Old8enkenobi
    Im 25 and have a mic,looking for team mates to joke about with and actually do the objectives.I can be any class it doesnt bother me.I play most evenings till late and nearly all weekend.
    Im in the UK too.Will be hopefully getting it on release if ubisoft ship it on time.

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    Junior Member Hitmansixfour's Avatar
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    May 2012
    hey folks

    there's a few of us that play the beta on xbl.

    we are looking for a few more players of similar mindset. that is that play for the objective and as a team. no lone wolfs or campers. also no rage quitters or whinging about lag. and no one under 23. not being harsh just have zero interest in k/d merchants or screaming anger filled children also please have a mic if possible and an ability to have a laugh will go a long way send me a pm if you want to know more. we are all based around ireland and the uk and are usually on after 7pm until whenever we get sick of the game crashing.

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    Junior Member Efran25's Avatar
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    Apr 2012
    I'll a team player and a pretty good hacker. I got my teammates back, and I'm very good at the game. ADD MEEEEEEE!!!!!!!
    PSN: Efran25

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    Quote Originally Posted by KOXKingOfXbox4 View Post
    Because of work I am usually on from 12:30-3Am Eastern Standard Time. If anybody want to play the beta with me on xbl post your gamertag here.
    A couple of you KOX, lol, have played in my lobby room on TC's GRAW2.

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    Junior Member Whodis's Avatar
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    May 2012
    looking for people to do co op with as well. GT RsX032010 send me a friend request and a message saying something like TC Co-op so i know what the Friend request is for.

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