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    The I need a buddy or team thread

    Because of work I am usually on from 12:30-3Am Eastern Standard Time. If anybody want to play the beta with me on xbl post your gamertag here.

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    servers are not even up till 19th

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    Not sure he was asking about the servers but what the hey.

    if I could Kingofxbox I would but I believe the interest is so high in my clan that there simply wont be room. If your working that late your best bet is to add a couple of Brits or Europeans due to the time difference. My first live experience was on GRAW and I only ever played with Americans, sadly due to CoD those days are past and all there seems to be is anomosity towards each others nations. Hopefully GRFS will change our attitudes again....

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    Hit me up, I play late, pst.


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    Looking for a team to kick off this GRFS beta.

    The game downloaded and completed. Now just looking for someone to play with preferably those that understands teamwork like to have fun with a mic. Not starting a clan it's only the beta so if interested hit me up so we can get this thing rollin when the beta starts tomorrow. No lone wolves please its team base game I'm all bout team.

    PSN: Blackhammer

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    I'm down, i also have it downloaded so i will be on as soon as it is up. gamertag is - iplay winn3r add me and we can "ghost" some fools
    SRY didnt realize u said psn im sorry

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    Thanks guys and I know the beta doesnt start until tomorrow.

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    I will be playing till I get knocked out from no sleep.....

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    i will be playing late as well as my clan but we need people like you send me a friend request IV THA POVERTY

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