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    Went through and added the first page, had a space moment last night, so now I have added or sent requets for everyone that posted above this point.

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    Hey all! I'm still looking for some more neighbors. Add me!

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    Once the game gets fixed up I will be needing a few neighbors Feel free to add me If possible please mention HH or horse haven. Thanks

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    I am new to Horse Haven and also need neighbors. Please message me with Horse Haven so I know who you are.

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    I'm new to horse haven , so your more than welcome to add me as a neighbor if you wish

    as most have said on here , just send me a message saying 'horse haven' & ill know to add you ^_^

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    need friends

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    Add me please! I have just started this game today. For some reason my current friends dont want to play. lol.

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