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    I find myself between n00b and vet as well. I did rank up to lvl 28 in 78 hrs, with RT play of a little under two months (given connect and update interruptions). But, I played the entire time not only in the same class, but with the set of weapons I set up around lvl 5, so I don't have weapons experience.

    I can help with tactics and some tech skills, but would need my own help in other areas.

    Sign me up.

    I already installed TeamSpeak. Let us know when meetups are scheduled.
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    Been doing that in the CB as well, asking who wants to join me and showing them a good time. Explaining a lot regarding the game to the people who just started the game. Willing to do it again with great pleasure. So let me know and i'll take 1 or 2 off your hands and help em out the best i can and mold them into ghosts

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    Hey guys, I'd like to announce that the Veteran Mentoring Program will be merging with The Good Guys during Open Beta.
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    tGg- The Good Guy can be viewed as the team speak 3 server and putting the mentoring program into action. Who's down with tGg? every VMp!
    There is no real requirement to be a mentor. Really just Fire Team up with new players and answer questions.

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