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Thread: What is your favorite class, why, and what goal(s) do/did you have for it? | Forums

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    What is your favorite class, why, and what goal(s) do/did you have for it?

    As the title suggests, what is your favorite class, why is it your favorite, and what goal do/did you have for it?
    I'll start.
    Recon is my favorite, because I like sniping. My goal is to get to level 25, the M200-SV with several upgrades (Roughly 35,000 RP) and to kill anyone in my path.
    I want the M200-SV because with magnum bullets, it does 170 damage. Almost a guaranteed 1 shot kill.

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    How is this off-topic?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chemzero View Post
    How is this off-topic?
    Well, I didn't think this was directly on-topic and I couldn't find a random sub-forum for just random things related to GR:O. General discussion sounds serious!

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    Wow I cant believe this got buried, and that no one legitimately responded to it so let start.

    My favorite class is the Specialist class, reasons being the weapon choice (lmgs and shotguns), and the provided abilities (blackout and aegis). I prefer blackout over aegis because of how it fits my play-style. I like to flank, catch people off card, and maintain a sense of speed which aegis denies me. Moreover, Blackout is the most terrifying of the abilities in the sound department. On the weapons aspect, I lobe the lmgs in particular the stoner and primarily my lvl 10 m249 para. Unfortunately I did not reach level 30 to try out the 6p41 which I hear is pretty boss from Pinkie Pie. On the shotgun side I love the pm5 and pentagun which are also lvl up for me.

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    Sniper Rifles.

    That's about it, hehe. Bit of a sniper lover. :>

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    Spec. Great weapon selection, nifty backpacks, and those stylin' headsets. I hit 30, I tried most of the guns that appealed to me (and a few I won't buy again), and was #1 for players emp'd at one point. I passed the goals I set for myself, I can't wait to get back in there.
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