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    just wondering

    does the uplay have to do anything with the grfs beta? i still havent gotten my ghost recon future soldier beta code and everything is right ive looked all over my email and cant find it . can someone help me?

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    Hi, You would need a Uplay account in order for your keys to be sent to you. If you still haven't seen anything, make sure you check your spam folder and it may be worth it to submit a support ticket over at

    For US users, you would need to have either pre-ordered the game from gamestop, own a copy of Splinter Cell Conviction, or be a Playstation Plus user to access the beta.

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    There have been lots of reports of joining a game and then entering a load loop/infinite loading screen. There are a few fixes out there like going to the dashboard and back or rebooting your xboxS console. So far it seems that this issue has only been reported as happening with the S model. I experienced it myself and was rather irked that Ubisoft had released a nonworking Beta, but rebooted and it worked fine and I'm loving the game!

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