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    Sanctuary Walking on Water

    How come sometimes the sanctuary faction can walk on water and sometimes it cant? What determines this as i cant see it as a skill or trait anywhere.

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    If sanctuary army has non-sanctuary units then it can't walk on water. The "Amphibian" trait which displays on all sanctuary units explains it.

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    If all the creatures in the army of your Sanctuary Hero are amphibians, this Hero will be able to move on water without any ship. The amphibians of "Might & Magic Heroes VI" are all the troops of Sanctuary, Mermaids and Water Elementals. If your Hero belongs to another faction or your Sanctuary Hero has any non-amphibians in his army, the possibility of free water crossing will be disabled. Moreover, some maps have specific water territories, which were set to be impassable for everyone by its creator with the Editor's help, - in these cases you have nothing to do but accept the rules.

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    Awesome thanks guys, I didn't think to look for that ability on creatures.

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