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    So we earn "points" as we achieve certain events, but these points aren't XP and not tallied anywhere, so why are some achievements 10 pts but others 25? And if the 10 gland (for example) one is worth 5 pts, why is the 150 gland one worth only 10 pts? it's 15x more gland meds, so wouldn't the prize be 15x5? I couldn't find anything about these achievement points anywhere in the FAQ.

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    Also, I notice at the top of achievements screen it has House vs Wilson and a counter of completed achievements. What does this mean?

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    the achievement completed count is not correct. Assuming I'm on House's team (not Wilson's), my counter says 16/29. However, I've achieved 39 total.

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    Each time you get an achievement you get one point towards one team. So the the number of achievements you completed should equal the number of house points+the number of Wilson. I'm trying to get all the Wilson points to see what happens.

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