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    Wow, way to go r-tard. Lets sue one of the most currently successful franchises in games 5 years and 5 games after it's release. I hate when people try to capitolize on other people's successes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LightRey View Post
    What a D-word. This is exactly why things like copyright should be abolished.
    That would be crazy. Copyright is an important tool that has encouraged the creation of many wonderful works since the creators can profit from their creation and control how it is used. It's what protects the Assassin's Creed brand from having tons of direct ripoffs that other people could sell themselves. If you're not going to own the work you create and have the ability to make money from it and control it, what is your motivation for creating it? An individual could come up with a great idea that a large company with more resources could just copy and produce themselves without having to compensate the person with the original idea. The copyright system certainly needs some serious reformation, but the concept of copyright itself should never go away. This particular case involves the way the legal system works and how easy it is to file so many of these lawsuits, which is the bigger problem here.

    People also write crappy songs all the time and then sue famous musical artists for copyright infringement of some demo they made and sent to the artist's record label, even though the artist never heard it themselves. That's the reason why companies will almost never accept any kind of ideas like demo tapes or other creative concepts. If they never open unsolicited idea material, then the people who created those concepts can't claim that the company ever saw their work. I've seen UbiGabe mention that there are things like game concepts they can't accept, and I know it's due to protecting themselves from copyright trolls.

    Unfortunately, it's often cheaper for a company being sued to simply settle out of court and pay off these trolls than it is to pay lawyers to fight the lawsuit in court. That's absolutely crazy, but often true.

    EDIT: And I seriously doubt this would ever affect the release of AC3. The person bringing the suit would have to ask for an injunction to stop the sale of Assassin's Creed products in the United States (if that's where the suit is being brought), and a judge would have to approve that. I doubt the plaintiff is asking for that, since the release of AC3 would only increase the "damages" done against him and allow him to ask for even more money.
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    XD XD XD I love when unknown people sue famous companies or people for "stealing" their ideeas.I heard of the book before from one of my friend's father (who is a very "hardcore" reader) but it never sparked any interest for me from the little he told me.At best what Ubisoft did was a LITTLE inspiration.

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    Yeah, but nobody has said that anybody on the team has read or even heard of this book. 90% of the time, this crap is just coincidence that it happens to be similar and 2 people or collections of people happen to have similar ideas. I'd be willing to be that they had no idea about this guy's book when they created the story.

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    He's just trying to sell his book(Publicity). I mean, do you see the wachowski brothers suing Ubisoft for making a machine that interacts with your brain? or Back to the Future writers suing because they took a sci-fi concept of reliving the past. lol this man just like it was stated above, is capitalizing on Ubisofts awesome juices.
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    i don´t get why he tries to sue gamtrailers.

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    please put this soundtrack into the game ubisoft !!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by notafanboy View Post
    i don´t get why he tries to sue gametrailers.
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    i kinda think of the game being an altered version of inception, in ACB when rebecca mentioned having "a memory within a memory" i was all like....


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    this guy is an author who's wrote a series of books no-one's even heard about, he only wants the money because his books didn't sell well. besides, I'm sure Corey may didn't have the idea of assassins creed after reading this novel, plus its a video game, not a book, and he's just annoyed that its better selling than his books

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    This "case" is laughable.
    There is no copyright, unless the guy holds copyright to the idea of someone using machinery to view ancestral memories? It's been theorized and it's not something you can copyright.
    Also, sueing Gametrailers doesn't make sense, they didn't create the AC trailers, they just host them like many other websites. Sue YouTube aswell?
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