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    Map DNA: Shearwater 51

    Reconnaissance is one of the best skills a true Ghost brings to the battlefield. In Shearwater 51, you will need that expertise to indentify an unfamiliar yet strategic position that grant ATTACKERS advantage over "spawn campers". This Map DNA is the intel you'll need to point you to that tactical spot. Show us where "spawn campers" can be overthrown, and tell us why.


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    More please,

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    I don't see the DNA?

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    The attackers get "camped" in the dark red areas. They drop-down in the open into the low-ground. It's literally a killbox for the defenders if they can position themselves in the light red area. The red dots in the bottom-left image shows idea placement for an 8-man defending team as the map currently stands. The defenders have cover, can easily move to cover a downed squad-mates position, and basically dictate the entire flow of the map.

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    The best way to break out of a spawncamp is this bridge in my opinion:

    Apparently, many players don't know how to get there, maybe because you have to climb up these boxes (marked red on the picture) which may not look like you can climb on them on first sight.

    From the bridge, you can easily clear the area below from spawncampers due to the height advantage or just avoid them and move on to the control points. Hope this helps a bit..

    Maybe the devs should put a stairset there to make it more obvious and realistic, I don't think the oilrig workers have to climb boxes to get to work in real life... ;D

    PS: Somehow, i'm not allowed to post attachment, i tried .jpg and .png with valid file sizes and under attachment, it says "You have uploaded the maximum of 5 files" but i never uploaded any. Can someone help me with this?
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