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    PS3 loading problem


    I have a problem with loading from the original AC PS3 version. I load the memory block from the main screen, however, instead of loading properly, it sticks the character in the room with no other characters and does not allow any interaction. He can move, but can't operate the machine or open doors etc. I'd rather not repeat the game because I've finished a heavy majority of it, but I will if I absolutely have to; I'd rather that I could find a solution to the problem. I have tried different discs, so I don't believe it's a disc problem. The PS3 loaded memory files fine for a while until this problem occured. Any help?

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    Hi, have you contacted technical support? the link is in my signature.
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    Already have...

    Thanks for your suggestion but I already have. Twice. They have been no help.

    The first time:

    Thank you for reporting this issue. I have sent this along through the appropriate channels for processing. If this issue is resolved, the solution will appear on the support section of our website.
    The second time they tried blaming it on Sony, which I find strange considering that there have been many firmware updates, and also this problem does not seem to stop with me. This problem has been reported on multiple sites, and as of yet there has been no solution found (or rather no solution I could find - I could be, and hope, wrong).

    I believe that this is a Ubisoft problem considering that the game actually does start, and does seem to load - as described in my previous post, the character is put in a non-responsive room. This could not have happened unless Ubisoft programmers inavertently programmed it this way. It is a bug, and I'm hoping that by bringing the problem to user attention, I can get a a resolution to it, as Support has seen fit to either blow off my problem or blame it on someone else and not take responsibility/concern for it.

    So yeah, if anyone has any suggestions it would be of great help. Thanks!
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    Does anyone have a possible solution to my problem? I don't want to have to start over as I'm close to finishing (I'm right after the assassination of William), but I will if I have to. Although I'd like a solution, I'm more interested in getting the interest of Ubisoft in fixing this bug.
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    Did this issue ever get resolved for you? I know it was a long time ago for you, but I'm just playing the game for the first time and I've hit exactly the same problem at the end of Block 4. Now when I load the game to continue I'm stuck in an empty lab...


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