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    Your Shape Center Issues?

    Does anyone know if the website and/or app are having problems right now? When I first started it a couple days ago, the app listed my avatar fine, but now it's not there and there's a generic male avatar picture on the website instead of my gamer picture. Also, my friend is having problems linking her Windows Live ID to the website and can't access the leaderboard (and hence, no challenges).

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    The problem occurred a few hours ago. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

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    There appears to still be problems. On the website my information is all correct but my avatar picture is not. In my Android app all information is correct but my Xbox gamertag is missing. I can see my avatar but instead of "AuntieParticle" it says "unavailable". Also the leaderboard on the Android app shows a series of numbers instead of gamertag names for each player. It looks like there's some sort of disconnect between Microsoft and Ubisoft.

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    Those are all EXACTLY the same problems I am having, AuntieParticle. Hopefully, someone from Ubisoft will help get the syncing with Microsoft working again.

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    A few people on the Facebook page have reported issues activating the Windows Live portion of the Your Shape Center website, so until the website is fixed players will be unable to access the leaderboard or challenges area.

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    Your Shape Center website seems to be doing okay this morning. But my Android app is still suffereing from the same problems as before.

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    It seems like the websites and apps are having some serious issues, and Ubisoft hasn't said anything on the Facebook page. They need to fix the WIndows Live linking problems, too.

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    The Your Shape Center website is working alright for me but it's been so painfully SLOW the last several days. My Android app is still having the same problems I reported before. I think the app will need an updated from the developers before it will work properly again.

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    Hi Everyone,

    We are working on fixing the Your Shape Center, we hope to have this resolved soon. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.


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