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Thread: Patch 1.3 is going to be live tonight | Forums

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    Yes: you go to in the customer support section, then you follow the steps!

    Quote Originally Posted by cbapiaz View Post
    I willl thanks .
    can you give me a quick link to it?

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    There is still a bug in the online campaign of Sandor when he has still 3 of the 4 months to free the slaves and defeat Ira. Can you fix this too? It happened to me 3 times that I could not play any further so now I have quit teh game for today. Then I was reading that there is a patch coming, and the details, but could not find anything about the bug I cannot kill() Greetz from Da-Nu2011

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    I'll be able to share a link tomorrow in the morning. It is impossible yet as the patch is not live yet.
    So, get back here tomorrow

    Quote Originally Posted by lomvartus View Post
    Irina - is any link available to download the patch if the autopatch system wont work? My own version is 1.1 so seems the autopatch never worked on my game

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    Scroll issue

    Will this patch include a fix for the very annoying issue where you can't use side-scroll? It's been happening a lot of late and it's hurting my enjoyment of the game.
    I've googled about this, and this problem is not unique to me. Many other players have issues with not being able to side-scroll.
    Thank you for looking into this.

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    Blackhole speaks!

    Quote Originally Posted by Ubi_Irina View Post
    Hi! Nope, unfortunately I don't have any information about it now
    Try reading the following:

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    Thanks for the update Ubi_Irina aka Ubi_Irina

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    Quote Originally Posted by giorgios52 View Post
    Wow. Video game publishing seriously needs to change.

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    Hello Irina, happy to see matchmaking in the game being added as an option always good to have more options.

    With the patch, there doesn't seem to be as many fixes for in game actions, as your current 1.3 list is quite different from the first 1.3 list you released. Are these changes in the 1.3 patch or coming later in other patches?


    Haven - The Imperial Griffin creature can use its special ability while frozen.
    Necropolis - Wasting Grounds does not award the bonus stated in its description

    Thanks again for the patch to the devs

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    Where is it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ollyamy View Post
    Where is it?
    Good question. Was supposed to go "live" at 1:00 am GMT. It's now 8:30 pm EST and still nothing...

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