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Thread: How we are going to get Red Storm to listen to us - Please read! | Forums

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    I hope they give us custom matches options and the ability to enable or disable respawns and limit certain guns like "pistols only" for example these options to customize matches is what will make this game fun and help them in sales!

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    Keep this thread alive!

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    Tweet sent.

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    lets go people get it done!

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    Keep it going!

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    Already tweeted: "We demand that we are able to giving us the choice of options to remove gadgets and respawns in multiplayer for hardcore fans".

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    Quote Originally Posted by JaRuTo View Post
    Already tweeted: "We demand that we are able to giving us the choice of options to remove gadgets and respawns in multiplayer for hardcore fans".
    It's not really that easy, I mean no gadgets makes engineer useless and wouldn't happen. There would also still be an intel loop letting you see people through walls, but check this out:

    Private match settings:
    1. Respawn: On/Off
    2. Regeneration: On/Off
    3. Intel Loop: On/Off (seeing people through walls, even friendlies)
    4: Friendly Fire: On/Off
    5. Lethal Equipment: On/Off (claymores, combat uav's, and sentry turrets)
    6. Non-Lethal Equipment: On/Off (stun mines, engineer pda, scout drone, imp camo, medkits, ammo)
    7. Weapon Technology: On/Off (laser sights, 40mm emp grenades, xray sights, thermal sights)
    8. Ammunition augmentation: On/Off (incendiary rounds, slugs, dragons breath, exacto rounds,, explosive rounds, FMJ rounds)
    9. Class Perks: On/Off (armor plate, sniper sensor, optical camo)
    10. Minimap: On/Off
    11. Grenades: On/Off

    That way you can mix and match your way back to GR1/2 style settings, just turn off abilities to see through walls, or anywhere in between if you want everyone to have the regular class balance except sensor nades only detect people via the minimap or something.

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    At least give the game a try before you guys complain about it. According to people who played it, the equipment is not that bad. They went the class route and I believe they should keep it there. It forces tactical gameplay. If you see the drone then shoot it down. I guess what they could do is instead of the drone automatically targeting an enemy the engineer has to manually tag him or something but I would not turn it off because then you render this class useless...That is just my opinion.
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    tweeted them letting them know not digging the 6 v 6 info and the matchmaking info rather then having custom hosting of public matches.

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    i want the gadgets but no re spawn

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