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    Week 10 Challenge: Run Back To Your Side (Single Note)

    The rules for the song challenges are as follows:

    1) A song and particular arrangement will be posted before Tuesday every week.

    2) There are four competitive categories Beginner (0--69,999), Intermediate (70k--89,999k), Advanced (90k--any yellow score, meaning the song has never been mastered), and Expert (any purple score in Non-Mastermode and/or Mastermode). There is also a separate "honorable mention" category that will identify the player with the highest accuracy percentage on a purple score. If there is a tie between players, the break will got to the player with the longest note streak.

    3) Each participant is allowed to make a single entry in either the Beginner, Intermediate, or the Advanced categories. If the participant qualifies for the Expert category (i.e., a fully mastered song), he/she can enter scores in both Expert-NMM (Non-Mastermode) and Expert-MM (Mastermode).

    4) Entries must be made by replying to the song thread with your score and difficulty in the title (this way we won't have to sift through post content). For example: 248,033 (Expert-MM).

    5) Please only submit one score per song. If you play the song later in the week and do better, go to your original post and edit with the replacement score and pic. However, if you qualify for the Expert category you may submit a score in each division of Expert (Expert-NMM & Expert-MM)

    6) To be entered in the competition you must submit a picture of the song results replay screen (showing score, percentage, and note streak)

    7) All entries must be in before Monday, so by 11:59 Sunday night (based on EST Time Zone or UTC-5 internationally)

    8) A separate thread showing the winners of each difficulty category will be posted by the previous week's winner, and the selection of the following week's song will be the responsibility of one of these winners.

    9) We will rotate the responsibility of selecting the next song and arrangement each week starting with Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and then Expert-MM and Expert-NMM.

    10) In the event that the winner does not respond to a PM notification to start a new thread by Tuesday, the winner of the next category in the rotation will be notified to select an arrangement and start a thread.

    The winner of the Advanced category this week will choose the song challenge for week 11

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    Looks like we had a great showing for last weeks challenge - hopefully we can get the same participation this week! I picked this one because it is fun to play and some challenging runs (especially in the first two solos where you are jumping back and forth between the 17th and 5th frets). Also this should give people a break from the wicked bends we have had the past couple of weeks !

    Good luck everyone!
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    138,587/236,886 (Expert)

    Sweet, more blues! Prediction... hmm. I think 140k+ for expert. 255+ for master mode.

    128,146 -> 138,587
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    128,668 (Expert NMM)

    Cool, I've been meaning to play this. It is always fun to see improvement when you start the weekly challenge with a score of 0 on the song!

    Had fun playing this a few times! The solos are a blast. I would like to have more time on this song because I think I could get pretty close to a 100% on it. I'm very impressed with those who got 99% though.

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    Another great bluesy song with fun solos. I'm ****her along with this one than I was with Good Enough at the start of last week, but the solos need some serious work. Nice choice!

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    I already got this one mastered, so I can just work on grinding up the scores.

    This was one of the first MM encores I got. LOL! I sucked. The girls in the front row, just stood there with their arms crossed staring at me, and not very happily either. I think I still got like 165K for it, at least over 150K, which surprised me. LOL!

    This is much easier than Good Enough, but no gimme either.

    Good choice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rcole_sooner View Post
    The girls in the front row, just stood there with their arms crossed staring at me, and not very happily either.
    Good choice.

    I know those girls! They seem to be running the Rocksmith circuit. It's really creepy - or scarey - I keep thinking "oh crap! I must be playing extra bad tonight!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by majorerickson View Post
    Also this should give people a break from on the wicked bends we have had the past couple of weeks !
    I thank you, and my ring finger thanks you!
    Great choice. Hopefully I can participate more this week.

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    Expert NMM 130,079 / MM 187,563

    Great freakin' pick. I had been neglecting this one.Edit1: 126.9K -> 128.9K, and 97% accuracy so far. I think I might be able to get 98 or 99% on this one.

    MM is going to be tricky with a lot of little licks to learn. I had one run after this one with a higher note streak and accuracy, but less points, and I'll prolly shoot for a 97% or 98% accuracy this week since this song is so fun to play.FWIW I enjoy this song a lot more than Good Enough, the solos have more 'feel' and feel a bit less spammy. Just my opinion though, it *is* Clapton after all... and now to enjoy having the lead (first entry :P) for the few minutes it'll take for someone to post a 150K or something :P.

    Final edit: Finally broke 130K and decided to do a MM run. Didn't do such a great job memorizing the solos, so yay pentatonic go go go (not so effective). Ah well, still a fun song this week.
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    Oh I like this arrangement. I will definitely be putting in a score this week even though my schedule doesn't look so good.

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