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Thread: Deluxe Key doesn;t work???? and my acc banned??? wtf!!! | Forums

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    Deluxe Key doesn;t work???? and my acc banned??? wtf!!!

    some1 pls tell me what;s going on!!!
    just got the deluxe version game from steam

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    same problem here

    except for acc banned

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    are u using steam account or create a new 1 from Uplay?

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    Same issue.

    I have the same issue.

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    likewise. just add /offine in Properties > Launch setting via Steam to play in offline mode.

    it works for me but i'm still disappointed.

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    The F*CKERS know about the issue and they will not do S*HIT about it. Very disappointing they need to fix the problem and refund the money to all the people that have the problem.

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    Same Thing

    I just purchased your game and put in the CD key that was offered FROM STEAM and it says it is invalid and that my account has been banned. I am very disappointed in my purchase!

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    The big thread in the general discussion was just responded, it would seems that the prooblem is fixed, all you have to do is reenter the key and you will be able to play.

    Can't testt it myself but i thought I'd spread the word.

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    And how reenter???

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    Yes, this issue has been fixed now. If you are still having problems please contact technical support, the link is in my signature.

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