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    SPLINTER CELL 6 wish list

    As there is not official section for the upcoming splinter cell game and i am a pc player i think the is the best place for this post it.

    It has already been announced that splinter cell 6 is in development. and it is exploring one of the root themes behind the franchise.
    now there are a few thing i would like to see in the new game.

    now a few things i would like to see through out the game.
    1. keep a similar menu style to conviction. i really liked that menu.

    2. keep the mark and execute feature that was the best addition to the game. but i would say make it faster to do a hand to hand take down or human shield then been able to fire i'll try and explain this more clearly: if you grab somebody and use them as a human shield and you have 4 others marked for execution it took to long to get the gun out, where he should have had the gun out to start with and be able to perform the executes even before he has finished the grab that goes the same with the take down.

    3. be able to take two people out at once when surprise attacking. eg drop from above and knock two guards out that are talking to each other or even f the are close enough together.

    4. have better AI, i conviction if had hire those people i would be shooting them my self. their had no reaction to finding a pile of dead bodies and then runn thought the door way there all around now i would be a little suspicious if i saw a pile of dead bodies i would think something like i might find another way around or just find cover and shoot the next thing that moves.

    5. I would love to see deniable ops return, with some changes.
    1. have more modes,
    2. have better ai,
    3. make the mark and execute better for coop, eg i mark and my buddy execute.
    4. have more coop moves rather than been at set places. eg the lift to ledge then climb up.
    5. a map editor. for user made content. i love playing games that have use made content especially levels, unreal tournament series found some great map developers. that way. not sure how difficult it is for ubi to develop a map editor, or what ever they need to do but if they are using unreal engine 3, the development tools are free for none commercial use, or at least they were.

    6. better challenges, now conviction had some good challenges like complete level with out been detected. but some were more annoying like taking out 3 guard with one grenade is fine once or twice but more than 5 times is just annoying cos it alerts all the guards,

    7. more gadgets, splinter cell has always had gadgets and some have been great others not so great, now the sticky cam with sleeping gas as great silent and effective but not always what you want where if it explode is great you can set traps etc and even take out enemies at the same time as distracting other guard allowing yo perform a hand to hand take down.

    thanks for reading feel free to post you comment and wish list as well

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    you forgot about the stealth other than that i rather like your list, most likely Splinter Cell 6 will be more like Conviction anyways

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    i sort of skipped the stealth areas, because i was unsure on it. conviction allowed Sam to move faster and better than previous games, but in my opinion the game could still be played stealthy which included setting up traps or leaving a body out in the open to attract an enemy allowing you to take him down. but been able to drag dead bodies would be useful also in previous game as soon as you where discovered it was game over. where now you actually have a chance to take the enemy out before he gets chance to tell his friends.

    now one thing that did annoy me was that there was not choice weather to kill some one you grabbed or just knock them out. also the ability to save at any point would be good saves you having to redo the 9 other enemies you already took down.

    getting back to the point about stealth maybe having an option would be useful as this would keep the hardcore stealth happy and also allow the less patient players enjoy the game.
    basically having the old school option would give it greater appeal to a wider audience.

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    If there is any more Splinter Cell games developers should consider the following, especially for PC.

    Mouse & Keyboard options:
    -disable/enable mouse smoothing and acceleration
    -toggle on/off for zoom, sprint and cover

    Movement & Gameplay:
    -when you are running and you press zoom, you should automaticly start walking and zoom in and resume running after zooming out.
    -firemode selector
    -animations for dry and loaded reload
    -dragging and carrying bodies

    More visual options:
    -textures detail
    -FXAA, SMAA, etc
    -if it has 3D then options for that

    Upgrades & Weapons:
    -ability to remove upgrades for weapons (scopes for example) or even customizing weapons on the fly
    -add some sniper rifles

    Meny of these could be easily patched for conviction but I dont think it will happen.

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    I'll pin this thanks for the feedback

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    My Top 10 Wish List

    1. The game should have the ability to automatically port forward as-well-as create firewall inbound/outbound rules for the "Required Ports to play Splinter Cell"... leaving this to the end-user is a huge blunder.
    2. The game should have Live Online Chat Technical Support... it could be incorporated into a Lobby or Chat Room (#3)... I realize this is asking a lot; but just think how many Splinter Cell Conviction end-users you could have saved from all the headaches/frustration/anger and resentment toward Ubisoft/Uplay/Steam.
    3. The game should be much more cohesive... if it had a Lobby or Chat Room where Splinter Cell players could meet/chat and set-up game matches, this would be awesome... the is a crying disgrace.
    4. The game should have the ability to invite (on-the-fly) a player as a friend... or at the very least some kind of "You Played Last With In-Game-Name"... trying to remember or write it down is such a drag.
    5. The game should be able to be played online as-well-as offline without a huge hassle... eg. loosing all Extras/P.E.C. Challenges etc.
    6. I would like to see more Maps... or maybe the ability to modify/edit/create Maps... I really love the New Orleans Map... extraordinary.
    7. I would like to see Multiplayer with the ability of more than two players... up to four would be really cool, with the ability to group vote/boot a noob off the game.
    8. I would like to see the game with an Extremely Difficult Mode... Realistic is good, but it's very easy... more enemies/challenges would be great.
    9. I would like to see the game have the ability to toggle on/off all weapons and Mark&Execute... I prefer hand to hand (h2h) stealthy close combat.
    10. I would like to see the game have the ability to modify weapons (either on-the-fly or at the weapons stash) without permanently upgrading them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ubi-Mush View Post
    I'll pin this thanks for the feedback
    What about all those considerably larger threads in the console forum? Do they not deserve to be pinned?

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    I guess my suggestions would be;
    1 - To have a bit more of an open environment. Linear levels get old after a while.
    2 - I'd also like to see more interaction with the environment, such as picking up bodies, objects, etc.
    3 - And although I do adore the stealth from Chaos Theory, I do enjoy the fast pace of Conviction. So I guess striking a balance between that, would be fantastic.
    4 - As everyone has said - removing upgrades to weapons.

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    Tom Clancy's - Splinter Cell Conviction - Wish List

    - Check points in Single Player . More need to be added , so many times I have had to redo some stages because down the road I stuffed up.
    - Check points in Multi player coop . More need to be added , so many times I have had to redo some stages because down the road I stuffed up.
    - Multi player Menu fixed. Often my mate as to invite me , it fails , then I invite him and it works . If I just invite him 1st it doesnt work.
    1 out of 10 times we both have to restart the game because that system doesnt work.
    - Uplay/SCC stats/achivments should be synced between offline (local HDD) and online , not just stored online. If you lose net , you dont lose progress in story mode and the unlocks/achivments.
    - Fix the Multiplayer GPF error that if someone tires to find a mp game in SCC it ends up with a SCC GPF error message that has been around since its disc retail date (Check ubi forums for mention of this )
    - Fix SCC on steam that it comes with the UPDATED UPLAY not the old one that doesnt update
    - Replace Match system in multiplayer with the standard decent server browser method of finding and creating a game
    - Extend MP mode Last Stand to 4 human players (online and LAN) and every 4th round you get a ammo box to refill
    - Extend other mp modes (not Last Stand or coop) from 2 to 8 players (or at least 4 players) online and LAN
    - Offer a standalone LAN exe that you can play the MP modes , its limited to 4 players without connected to the internet but you dont get any uplay/unlocks
    - Add map editor please, you could add restriction to this map editor that it cant do as much as the retail maps provide but extend the life of the game

    Tom Clancy's - Splinter Cell Conviction 2/what ever the next ones called - Wish List

    Things I suggested for Tom Clancy's - Splinter Cell Conviction 1 as above

    Game released on Steam and disc retail

    Demo on steam before disc retail

    Re add being able to hide the body like in the older splinter cell games , pre Splinter Cell Conviction 1
    Re add the large range of kits/gadgets being able to use on missions as we had pre Splinter Cell Conviction 1

    Please keep mark and execute

    It would be interesting if you could have a humans vs ai + humans were we have to save a prisoner and get them to an evac heli or boat by the sea/beach/lake.
    To make this fair , humans team is 8 players , the other side is 4 humans and enemy ai.

    Trip wire would make a great addition to gadgets , especially if you placed it in the wall and it managed to cut the baddies head off !

    Split screen on the PC . Screen must be at least 24" to support the feature . or if 22" you can have it working over 2 screens. Player 1 1st screen , player 2 on the 2nd screen. Both using keyboard and mice on the PC (yes two sets of usb keyboard and mouse , wired or wireless)

    I would like to see some 4 player coop missions
    I would like to see being able to play with PC Windows , PC Mac and Console , all together
    I would like to see PC Windows LAN vs PC Console xbox360
    Please add support for standard usb keyboard and mouse on PS3 and Xbox360 editions
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    This is what I would like

    Cover system
    Mark and execute (maybe less marks, not really fussed though)
    Separate Co op story
    Deniable ops
    Victor Coste
    Michael Ironside

    Sonar goggles
    The shadow mechanic (or at least tone it down, I don't want to play half a game in black and white

    Gunsmith? I heard that they may be bringing it to other Clancy games, the weapon customisation was rubbish in conviction

    Bring back from old games:
    Shoulder switch (actually moving the gun to the left hand, not just moving the camera, and being able to do it out of cover)
    Lock picking
    Moving bodies
    Non lethal takedowns
    Standing up in cover
    The stealth cover abduction that was in double agent, or a similar thing to what you see in James Bond: Bloodstone, I thought the takedowns in Bloodstone were much better
    The third echelon suit, or something similar seeing as he doesn't work their anymore

    Single player needs to be much, much longer
    I think it would be good to have some more sensors, cameras etc.
    Level design, less linear

    Really looking forward to the next game

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