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    Ancestor Character Pack DLC Order Problem! Help!

    I buyed the Ancestor Character Pack DLC for the ACR Multiplayer today ,using Paypal. I received the Unlock Code after the payment,insert it in the exclusive content menu from the game and then started the multiplayer to see my fresh new characters ... but hell,they weren't there ,the code did not unlock anything! What happened? A server error?

    Order number: 18107177524

    Please ,somenone, help me!
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    Hello and welcome to the Forums
    Where did you order it from? You need to try contacting the retailer.
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    Hello and thank you!
    UbiShop..already posted the problem in the Customer Service for answering,but nobody responds! I would appreciate if you could pm a retailer in this forum!
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    dlc problem

    We had the issue with ancestors DLC but ubi support does not want to co-operate with us even though we bought the keys from official Ubisoft partner
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    I received an email where they demand me to prove i have a buyed version of ACRrfor hells sake if i dont have an original game how can i play the multiplayer with the same forum name and even bother to buy this dlc? I will send them this email but doesnt make any sense!
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    i demand explanation! i sent them al the details : codebar from the game,product's key,proof of dlc purchase...and they don't even bother responding! i paid for a WORKING extras key to unlock those dlc characters ,not a system error!
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