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    Is there an ARG (alternate reality game) hidden under the covers of the closing of PL

    PL or Project leacy was an app on facebook that let you experience the tasks of an abstergo agent reliving memories. The DDS 2.0 was going to be released but before that project legacy was "shut down." You can still acess the app but you are greeted with an error message. I wonder if everone's favorite assassin hacker Erudito was behind this. He aquired the emails of James Morse, an abstergo secretary in DC, and sent the password for his abstergo account to anyone that bought the abstergo hoodie. ( password is PFRDVJ5aLLg and the website is this allowed to dig deeper into the AC universe. You were only allowed to see James' inbox beacuse everything else was blocked beacause of his low access. You need beta 3+ access to visit the rest of the website. This has not yet been found. Erudito is known for contacting agents and trying to "enlighten them." After the shutdown of PL was found. This was suposed to be a new adition to the "game." I wonder if Erudito did something to stop PL and try to hide something in these files. Im not sure about most of this thoguh it's speculation I just think it would be cool to try to get Beta 3+ access

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    Project Legacy's still up.

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    But you just get a error message and i wanted to make this thread about the whole our world intersects with the
    ac universe

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    Just amazing. You feel like being a part of AC when visting this site or play Project Legacy. It´s so real
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