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    Looking for Clan not Community (360)

    I'm looking for a dedicated mature clan to join. I have been on MLG forums but there isn't much action yet and I'm sure some of you play so if you are looking for members I can send you a fr on xbl and once the beta drops I can join up anyone looking and play to see how I fit in and what potentials each team would offer. Really looking to get some reply's, god bless.

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    Hey hit me up on Xbox live on Thursday when the beta hits my GT is l HoLLeMaN.

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    Alright will do. I am also okay with starting up a clan on BB/MLG if anyone is interested then let me know

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    Well I have a team on GB and we play on another site called we are looking to tryout some new players and The beta seems like the perfect time to do so.

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