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    Farcry 2 not uploading

    Hi, I recently just made my first map, and I want to publish it, but when I go into in-game, and click multiplayer, and then publish my maps, it doesn't pick it up. I did the validation and everything is greenlisted. it is a CTD map, which needs testing as its still a beta, however it won't upload it.

    any help?


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    While testing, just set up a LAN game with one sure to put a copy of the map in the map downloads folder usually documents / my games / Far cry 2 / user maps / downloads. Make a offline account and then join your own LAN game for testing.

    Also..The Map community is down, you may not be able to upload it unless UBI fixes or enables it again.

    You can use your maps on Tunngle , just google it as UBI gets testy about mentioning it here.

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    thanks for the help ill try that now

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    Fixed !

    OK, I just uploaded a map on 4/11/2012 at 5:02 PM Pacific, so it is still working, or has been fixed.

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