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    Player movement is too slow

    Post if you agree that this needs to be changed and improved
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    compared to FC2 it's WAY faster (THANK GOD!) But I'd like to see the movement speed increased just a tad and more importantly the sprinting speed increased so you can tell the difference a little easier between movement and sprinting.
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    for sure

    The movement especially when turning left to right while running was way to slow in far cry 2.After playing the call of duty series then going back to far cry 2 you really see how sluggish the movement really is.
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    I hate when games make you go slower as your moving in a diagonal direction. This was very apparent in Dead Island, and it ruined the game for me. But I didn't notice that in the Far Cry 3 videos. Hopefully it doesn't have that. Because exploring a whole island, and slowing down, while moving in a diagonal direction would drive me crazy, hehe. It should be one speed, no matter, which way your going, straight forward, backwards, diagonal, etc.
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    In the battle cry mode players have their speed increased so it will likely be something you have some degree of control over cheers
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