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    prince of persia warrior within digital download activation

    Well i'm having a bit of trouble here. i bought a copy of prince of persia the warrior within from direct2drive a while back i've installed it double click on the icon to run the game it goes through the whole thing with trying to connect for activation the game but even with my cable internet connect its not detecting my internet or even allowing me to activate and play the game. something powered by something called active mark not sure entirely what that is but it's preventing me from activating and playing the game.. if anyone could help me solve or fix this i would really appreciate it.
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    I am unfamiliar with direct2drive. Has Ubisoft legally allowed direct2drive to distribute software that way?
    I understand that some people prefer to get software that way. I do not.
    I will download a verifiable reputable software program and install it on my computer (e.g. Malwarebytes, AVG antivirus, and the like.)

    Rarely do I get involved with software that requires additional "social" information to install.
    I have not yet installed Ubisoft software that uses their cloud servers to "allow" me to play and enjoy a game.

    I also dislike purchasing software with such requirements without first checking the Internet for forums, blogs, etc. that mention "easy to use" or "what a bunch of horsefeathers!"

    Hopefully someone else might know something to help you along further.
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    yeah buying digital downloads and of course the digital licensing that goes with it ie game activation and so on has been going on for a while through places like steam, direct2drive., gog games. at least these 3 i know have been in the digital download buisness for a while. of course direct2drive just merged with gamefly so there you have it as far as onling gaming and software purchases go.
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