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    Angry Uploading user maps = no more ??

    Since April 6, we can no longer upload user maps. WHY ?

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    Hard to tell

    Sometimes the servers have problems that need sorting out, I'd keep trying. I am sure the day is coming that UBI will be stopping support for FC2 However.

    IF you have a legit copy of FC2 you might try Tunngle, it seems to be where dead games go to get another breath of life.

    I prefer to play on UBI servers, I have 2 retail versions of the game, one for each of my PC's, but when the servers crash, I go to Tunngle to get my "FC2 Fix" in

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    hey Rhetty !

    yea .. its official.. no more custom map upload to community server. I'm one of the few FC2 addict - I check the community map at least 2x a day and upload maps too. The very last map uploaded is dated april 6.

    and yeap.. i've used Tunngle for over a year now. I personally find FC2 much more responsive and efficient on tunngle because it never cause fc2 to crash to desktop, and "downloading from host" cuts the middleman (ubi server) out of the equation.

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    Yes, I run a extender server on tunngle and we have a clan member in Norway that pings low 200's of course the server is on a fast connection, but it works well and doesn't crash...PLUS you can ban by IP, so the hackers and cheaters are easy to get rid of

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    very nice to hear and.. YES i just logged in to tunngle and saw your server on the list

    I'll leave mine up also .. its called SEUSS - ( hiQ maps).

    At the moment its CTD

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    G O O D . N E W S !!!!

    uploading user maps to community server is back ON again

    i'm still annoyed by certain or few uploader - they kept uploading the SAME MAPS over and over and over again .. as in they want attention. And not to disrespect, but their maps are totally sloppy .. its like few minutes of map work.

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    Prolly why there is a 20 map limit per account... takes a bit to weed through em

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    Quote Originally Posted by rhettman5 View Post
    Prolly why there is a 20 map limit per account... takes a bit to weed through em
    yeap except some of them have so many 'friends' to upload the same maps. I can't say names but when u visit the community server's most recent uploads, you'll see what i mean

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