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    Good News - YSFE 2012 rewards a good running style

    Yesterday I gave another member some suggestions for improving running style (see thread But no advice is worth anything, if you don't act accordingly for yourself.

    Therefore, during my last workout I payed special attention to my own running style. And I found out that it had changed over time without being noticed. Due to running on the spot, I was still running on the balls of my feet. But at the same time I pushed my knees forward and a little bit upwards, as it is required for the speed test and even more extreme for the High-Knees test.

    During the first run London All Races I was trying to get back to a good, energy-saving running style, in which the running movement is executed more from the knee joints than from the hip joints. At first it was hard for me to leave the thigh almost vertical and to swing the lower leg from the vertical position so far back and up until calf and thigh were touching each other. The running speed was - with the exception of the test sections - mostly around 11 to 12 km/h (6.84 to 7.46 MPH). Nevertheless, the elapsed time wasn't bad and the point scoring was OK, too. The calories rating was also slightly better than in previous runs.

    In the 2nd run I was able to run an average speed on the track at around 14 to 15 km/h (8.7 to 9.32 MPH) without strain. At the same time the stepping frequency was significantly lower than before. The calories rating had increased by a staggering 35%. In the 3rd run my speed increased to now 17 km/h (10.56 MPH) without any problems. That meant a personal best time, which was surpassed in the 4th running. The point scoring could have been much better if I had not been a bit tired already, but the calories score was again remarkably high.

    Finally, I come to the conclusion, that YSFE 2012 rewards a good running style. That's some good news, right?

    Happy Easter to you all.


    For comparison (profile data: 80 kg [176,37 lbs], 186cm, 57 years, male; clothing: T-Shirt, shorts, knee-length compression socks + white socks)

    Best elapsed time on 04/03/2012: 6581 points / 12:22 min / 59 kcals (YSFE 2012) / 178 kcals (Heart Rate Monitor)
    Second best points result on 04/06/2012: 7509 points / ??:?? min / 93 kcals (YSFE 2012) / 185 kcals (HRM)

    1. Run London All Races on 04/08/2012: 7220 points / 12:05 min / 117 kcals (YSFE 2012) / 176 kcals (HRM)
    2. Run London All Races on 04/08/2012: 6392 points / 12:10 min / 158 kcals (YSFE 2012) / 194 kcals (HRM)
    3. Run London All Races on 04/08/2012: 7282 points / 10:52 min / 158 kcals (YSFE 2012) / 193 kcals (HRM)
    - XBOX restart -
    4. Run London All Races on 04/08/2012: 7208 points / 10:27 min / 166 kcals (YSFE 2012) / 203 kcals (HRM)
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    Some really great times in there.

    I'm interested to try and apply some of this now and see if it makes a difference for me. Will let you know.

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    What's with the HRM calories being way higher than the game? Is this an issue with the game's calculations and something that should be patched?

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    @pilgrimpete: I'm really looking forward to your experiences and results. I would like to add that the running style described above is best suited for the full distance. The individual tracks are more sprint distances. Here a kind of High-Knees-style is more appropriate.

    @thunderkatt: With the new style of running the calorie counts of YSFE 2012 and my HRM are very close together. I think that the still existing difference is reasonable and acceptable. In the workout section, however, my HRM values are two to three times as high as those of YSFE 2012.

    The low calorie count of YSFE 2012 has already been extensively discussed and complained in other threads. So I do not want to dwell on this issue. But I'd like to point out, that the calorie calculation of a HRM can never be realistic, too. Because of the smaller fluctuations, the measurements and calculations are only slightly more comparable.

    Some players - and a striking number of cheaters - take the substantial low calorie count of YSFE 2012 in comparison to a HRM as an argument, why they have put their weight to maximum in their personal profile or why they have cheated themselves to world's top ranking. I think this is just a lame excuse.

    No one has to cheat to achieve good results in YSFE. You can do this also by persistent and intense training. And that's much more satisfying.
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    Well I am afraid I haven't really tracked it as scientifically as you have but I did think about your words as I ran yesterday and it may have made a difference.

    I did probably my best London run (all races which I have to do anyway for current objective "Challenge Me") and was mostly averaging around 10 mph for the majority of the races. Obviously challenges were hitting 12.43 mph and I was trying not to come down too far from that when the challenge ended. I did get a new best time and new high score, around 7400 or 7500 (I'll have to look more closely next time as it is listed in the leader board).

    I was definitely noticing running style was helping conserve energy but still keep the speed up and felt lighter on my feet and at the knees. Tiredness did start to kick in a bit around the 3rd leg but was mentally able to overcome this to finish the final leg at a sprint.

    On a separate note, thanks for highlighting the obvious cheating going on in the global events. I thought the entire US Olympics team had switched to YSFE2012 for a minute.

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    I consider myself lucky to have you in my friends list now. Thank you for your report and congratulations to these great results. You are the first in my friends list who has surpassed me in points scored for the long distances. Presumably you've also broken my personal best time.

    I'm pleased that you've also noticed that the running style is more energy efficient and leads to slower muscle fatigue. As I discovered last Sunday, it unfortunately also carries the danger that the ligaments and the knee joints are overstrained. After I had run the New York All Races seven times in a total of 75 Minutes, everything was still good. But since Monday, I can charge my feet and knees only slightly. The 45 minute run on Tuesday was painful and exhausting. On Thursday I had to stop running after 20 minutes. Now I have to indulge my legs probably a 2-week rest.

    I've talked to a running expert who was not surprised about my problems. According to his view, running in place is very unnatural and should be done only for a few minutes. For the natural running as the running in place the basic principle is that the supporting ligaments can adapt much more slowly to a higher load than the muscles. Therefore, the mileage should be increased only very gradually, even if you feel like you could go much further and longer.

    For my part I will focus my attention during the next weeks on improving running efficiency. For this I have two objectives: first, switching from chest to abdominal or diaphragmatic breathing and secondly a good arm movement (forward and backward movement of the upper arms, forearms flexed, thumbs almost touching the shoulders at the end of the upper arms forward movement).

    To all: I would be happy if more people would report here on their running performance and running experiences.

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    Tried it again last night and again, great results. My time was a second or two over 10 minutes so knocked quite a bit off the previous best.

    Quite honored to rank so highly in your friends list already - I have to say though, your Wall Breaker looks impossible to ever match but I like having the target all the same

    Good point on the knee fatigue - will have to keep an eye on that. I've been lucky so far but don't want to push it too much.

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