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Thread: In what mode is it safe to practice without ruining leveled sections? | Forums

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    You never "lose" a level up--you can always reset songs to the highest difficulty achieved with a press of a but.ton in Options.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mtnbkr123 View Post
    In addition to all the different voicings, altnernate tunings are a b-u-t-t-on turn away. Pretty tech.
    Ah, I didn't even go look. They must have some built in processing. There was a thread on this forum about guitars with built-in processing. I don't remember if the Line 6 was mentioned or not.

    I'm all for tech stuff, and I used to be big into multi-fx and simulated amp/speaker cabinets. I just some how never liked the idea of it all in a guitar. Kinda like I never liked the idea of a TV with a built-in VCR (blu-ray today?) . Now a modern TV with all the built-in streaming protocols, that is a good thing, that won't have one part biting the dust before the other. I don't think there is an equivalent for the guitar, except maybe MIDI or D/A converters built-in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mtnbkr123 View Post

    There goes an hour I will never get back

    Can someone please confirm the mode(s) you can practise in without screwing levelled sections?

    Hay you can just set the difficalty back up to the highest level you achieved every time you mess it up. Its in the options. Edit, seems others have already said this sorry lol.

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    Want to level down a song? Try playing Chimney after you haven't played it for 3 months. I just quit after a few measures. Some songs you just have to play sober.

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