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    Question Insurgency Pack download from ubisoft??


    I recently tried purchasing the Splinter Cell Conviction - Insurgency Pack from

    I got the gift card worth 10$, and then tried buying it only to find out that digital download was only available for USA. So I had to leave the option of playing the insurgency pack.

    Now I'm trying to buy it from ubisoft. Please can someone verify if the digital downloads are available to all from ubisoft? I'm from India, and have no idea if I can get the Insurgency Pack or not...

    Thanks for any help.

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    Hello mohitk117... all you have to do is contact Ubisoft Technical Support here and Ask A Question... they will be glad to tell you whether or not the DLC Deniable Ops Insurgency pack is available for download in your region.

    Good luck.

    p.s. Dude, you're going to love the DLC Deniable Ops Insurgency pack... the maps are "out-of-this-world"... incredibly AWESOME.
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