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Thread: Saboteur mode.. Please add a non-respawn game mode also.. Devs pleas | Forums

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    Saboteur mode.. Please add a non-respawn game mode also.. Devs pleas

    I know a lot of GR fans want this added and to me it seems really simple game mode to add that would give the game 5 game modes. There is a tone of Non-respawn GR fans out there that hate the respawn format so could we please get one more game mode? I really liked LMS on the older versions and I understand that the developers want more of a teamwork style game play so I think Saboteur (Non-respawn) would be epic and keep me coming back and back and back (just like Demo did in the Socom series) It doesn’t seem too crazy to add this game mode either in DLC later or with release. Just give us Respawn haters some love please!

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    It's a little lopsided that GR's MP features 3 respawn modes and only one non respawn mode.

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    yeah, but if we get lots of +1 we might make it happen

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    Senior Member Hortey's Avatar
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    Make respawns a server option.

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    I agree to no respawn!

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    Agree 110%, I / We want more than 1 no respawn mode,it can't be that difficult to change it so late in developement and it'll please the whole community.

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    No-Respawn modes for the win?

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    No Respawn +1

    No Health Regen

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    Quote Originally Posted by StrikexNinja View Post
    No Respawn +1

    No Health Regen
    Definitely a +1 to that.

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    I always wounder why ppl are so keen for no respawns as if it makes you a "better player".
    In my experience (played GR since the "original GR") no respawn matches are a campfest where no one is going for the objectives. So simple dm without respawn should do the trick!
    What i would like to see are respawn waves. One wave every two minutes so a team that actually take out the adversaries has a benefit while going for objectives!

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