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    I did really well this round.

    I was just doing realllly well this round and I wanted to brag a bit :3
    Images don't work yet so I'm just going to post a direct link.
    And yes, GM TORRENT did complement me and my score if you were curious. lol
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    Good games!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Freelancer852 View Post
    Good games!

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    I am just going to say it... my K/D is terrible. I don't care. This is an objective based game and i'll die trying (which I always do).
    if you can't kill em, Cap em. I can get a plethora of points playing the objective..

    When it comes to snipers though, you don't do a lot capping so accuracy and K/D is your bread and ****er. Kudos, NomTheBomb!
    Take it easy on me out there. Cheers

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    the **** above refers to something like buter, with one more t. I did not realize that i was swearing. try posting something with that word that describes a tasty topping commonly found on toast.

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    I like sniping. Like it alot.

    However these days my bread and Margrine is more along the lines of SMG's up close and personal. Most of the time I suck it up and take death after death, typicaly to losing to countless draw-down's with assaults and spec's who have the higher damaging guns, more HP and more armor. However occasionlay I get this right combination of not running into that one person who stop's my single kill rampage and I suddenly start stacking kills like cordwood.

    However I've never pulled the kind of numbers I see here with you sniping. Very impressive sir.

    Btw I bought that exact same gun and I love it a lot but it has this weird quirk that is frustrating me, it is as if every third shot or bullet no matter how dead on just dosn't connect. Rock steady right on target against a opponent who isn't moving, i pull the trigger and the shot dosn't connect. Very mysterious. Have you ran into that problem at all?


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    Check this out, 23 killstreak.

    Also... carried much?


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    I appreciate all your positive feedback When next beta comes Ill get some more pics of my better games. I also have some gameplay videos if you're wanting to check them out, although, I didn't do that well in them compared to what I showed. Here is the link to the videos if you're interested. and

    I use oracles a lot when I rewatch my videos xD

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