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    0_0 - My Opinions

    Holy crap... I left this forum for a little while, and I come back to all this new gameplay and stuff!! :O It's crazy. I first considered making another "useless" "dumb" "******ed" thread just to make some more squeakers mad, ;D but I decided against it. Instead, I'll give you all my most-likely hated opinions on FC3 so far. (I know this is all pre-alpha but still.. here they are)

    Lighting is meh. Texturing is meh. Too much tearing. Many things lack a decent number of polygons. The gameplay looks kind of like Brink, in a bad way. Bodily movements look really funky and ridgy. The menus and setup look weird after you die. Kind of hard to follow. (To me) Ubi's attempt at making new gameplay additives is kind of disappointing, (battle cry) and I HIGHLY doubt players will actually use it often to advance their team as a whole. The entire shooter community is starting to be lone-wolves thanks to CoD's encouraged playstyle.

    So, all in all, I'm not amused. But hey, I'll check back in a few months to see if these things have been improved. I also hope they give us a beta so I can really test this stuff out.

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    Yeah i was kinda hoping they would snatch up my constriction mode or tactical hack mode.

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    I think the graphics look stunning. I might of thought that those were the finished version's graphics if the video didn't have 'PRE-ALPHA BUILD' in the corner of the screen, but that's just my opinion.

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    How jaded we as current-gen gamers have become. . . Haha.

    I think Far Cry 3 graphics are looking pretty snazzy, if I do say so.

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    The graphics are fine, it's gameplay I care about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheRealDrewdelz View Post
    The graphics are fine, it's gameplay I care about.
    Agreed, gameplay over graphics every time...
    Hopefully Far Cry 3 will not dissapoint

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    i got far cry 3 for pc today and played it for around 12 hours now, and trust me it will not disappoint.
    It is so.... awsome.

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    I have played it for 2 hours and it kicked *ss!
    Now I can't wait till tomorrow till by Insane Edition get's delivered.
    Btw, visuals are stunning, even on consoles it looks really good.

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