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    Splinter Cell: Double Agent Shanghai Mission game crash !!

    i hav just recntly bought the splinter cell double agent game for my lenovo z570 the specs are ram 4GB, Graphics 1gb integrated + 2 gb dedicated nvidea, Core i3, Clock speed 2.3ghz. The problem is i have completed conviction on d same laptop after which i installed Double Agent but my game crahes in the shanghai mission if i try to save it right after the "record the meeting" objective is complete! even after that the auto-save also crashes down ! i get this crash msg Assertion Failed: Pos<=Size[File:..\..\Core\Inc\Core.h] [Line: 1050] and then that the game had to be terminated in an unusual way via the runtime error !! PLZ help ASAP !!!!!
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    Hi, please contact technical support, the link is in my signature.
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