I have a weakness for old-fashioned personalized chess sets. That's why I like the Humana chess set of Chessmaster.

I, however, dislike its boring black-and-white colour scheme. That's why I used the texture extractor tool to retexture the set.

First retexture uses the "old wood" textures.

The second one uses the textures of "Irish marble".

I didn't bother to do proper *.bmp previews, just changed the rgb balance of the original image. Yeah, that was rather lazy on my part.

Also, in order to switch from one Humana set to another, you need to switch to a non-Humana set, Calvert, for example, first, and then select the Humana set you'd like. I don't know the reason for this bug.

Link (unzip to Chessmaster Grandmaster Edition\Data):