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Thanks for posting these.

Key things I picked up from the videos,

Battlecry is so useful that it becomes like crack. You miss it when its not around. However it is also useful strategicly to keep people in the fight longer.

I like the use of gas bombs. The way it makes people go crazy. Everything goes black. like your on a hallucinagen.
Which makes me think of the possibility that this game is a pre-Predator story.
In Far Cry, Jack Carver swims to a wrecked boat at the beginning. That boat looked like the one in one of the trailers for the new game. The main characters boat.

The effect of the Gas Bombs makes me think of a early experiment in the Predator chemical. There is evidence of a lot of psychadelic drugs un this game, and massive amounts of that would go into making crazy Animal men.
Think about it.

The Editor;

*It will be able to make maps that are indestinguishable from the ones the devs make.
*They built up on the old one and improved it.
*They will have layers set up for when people get online for the first time so they don't end up on a cool map with some crazy stuff happening, But popular -Traditional- style maps could feasably be someones first experience in Multiplayer.

Sounds good to me so far.
You know what, I think the Crazy Gas has some Relation to the WW2 bunkers, because I know they experimented with a lot of Biological Weapons back in WW2.