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    Exclamation Where is my Splinter Cell code?


    I purchased a brand new copy of Splinter Cell Conviction many months back.

    I have registered with Uplay and followed the instruction pamphlet inside the game box.

    I have yet to receive my Ghost Recon Future Solider beta code.


    I just came across this...

    So 360 user just need to pop in their SC discs ... sweet.
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    Yes, all you need is the disc;

    Step 1) You must be connected to Xbox LIVE to download Beta from Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

    Step 2) With the Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction (TM) disc in your Xbox 360, start the game to enter the main menu screen.

    Step 3) When you see the news message announcing the Tom Clancy's Ghost >Recon Future Soldier(TM) Beta appear on the screen, press the X ****on.
    The Xbox LIVE Marketplace menu will open directly to the download page for the Beta.

    Step 4) Download the Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Future Soldier(TM) Beta

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    Mush does it matter which scc disk I have? My first disk cracked so I purchased a platinum hits version will I still be able to download the beta?

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    Usually on the box it will have a ghost recon symbol with beta written on it. But i doubt it makes a difference. SC C is SC C

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    You need the per-ordered game copy, not just any splinter cell convictions copy.

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