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    A new players video-guide to Ghost Recon Online

    I'm cross-posting this thread here from the General Discussion forum, so I'll just quote what I wrote there:
    Quote Originally Posted by Freelancer852 View Post
    So I created a "Let's Play Ghost Recon Online" series, it covers all the basic gameplay mechanics for the closed beta. Hopefully not a whole lot changes between now and open beta when it comes to class abilities and game mechanics. If there are significant changes I will remake the videos so they are as up-to-date as possible.

    The videos are all listed in the Player Content forum here:

    Alternatively you can simply view the playlist, which will take you through all of the videos in order, automatically:

    If you have any questions or suggestions for the video, please feet free to post here or leave a video comment. I will do my best to address them.

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    Nicely done Freelancer!

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