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    Angry Still won't load.

    Come on. This is really ridiculous. You guys took the game offline to FIX THE BUGS IN THE GAME. So WHY are the bugs not fixed? Why are people, like myself, still unable to play? You would think that with such a large company who officially runs this game that you could actually get the game up and running.

    You took it offline. Multiple times. Still not fixed. I am exasperated beyond belief. I'm giving you guys a week, maybe two (since it is Easter this weekend) and then I quite simply will quit the game. Period, and for good. I've already told my friends experiencing the same issues to do the same. It is so agonizing expecting it to work and it does not.

    I have Firefox. Updated everything. Cleaned cookies and caches, changed computers, changed Facebook accounts and STILL THE SAME PROBLEMS. Thus, not my problem.


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    im having the exact same problem..gettin really frustrated... my room mate can get onto it on his computer but still cant get passed the loading screen on mine... i have definitely thought of not playin it any more...gettin tired of trying everyday and still nothing

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    i wasnt having any issues other then 3 people that wont move off the couch and now since yesterday ,game wont fully load ,,,

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    Same issue

    I am having the same issue also! its driving me insane1 i want to be playing my game, i have even sent in an official email to technical support of the game and i am waitning reply. hopefully they can do SOMETHING so we can play again! will keep you posted of the outcome of my technical support emails

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    Well, as of yesterday it works suddenly. I'm even receiving requests for items again from friends! I do hope they managed to fix the issues permanently.

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    Is this still a continuing issue for all of you? Please let us know! Also, if it is continuing, please pM me with your Facebook ID number so we can look into the issue for you.

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    The game has stopped loading for me today, it gets to the loading screen and then either goes black or fails to load any further than about 10%.

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    Hello all,

    Would you all please submit a ticket here:

    This way, we can track your issue directly through your FB applicaton of the game!


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    It seems that if you play mini games, especially the Blood Work Lab, in full screen, it behaves a little better. Visit Adobe Flash's website to make sure your player and plug in's are up to date. If you use Firefox, you can type the following in your browser... about : plug ins, then click the option for "are my plug ins up to date", to automatically make sure you have the newest ones. If your browser gives you trouble with animations on other games or sites, consider creating a new Firefox or Google Chrome profile, since your current browser user profile may be corrupt. Here are links for the processes I mentioned above. Hope this helps and have a great day.
    Check plugins:


    Create new profile to get rid of errors:


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