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    Unhappy Key codes binding....

    GOOD DAY.. i used to play this splinter cell conviction past years fortunately since time so busy and pc got low memory i decided to un-install the game..since lately i miss playing the game, i re install it again..bad news is i forgot my password here in uplay forum so i made new when finish installing the game,,MY KEY CODES ALREADY IN USED, ALREADY REPORTED TO THERE TECHNICAL SUPPORT UBISOFT..I MADE THE NECESSARY REQUEST EMAILS TO THERE OFFICE..BUT SAD TO SAY PROBLEM IS UNRESOLVED..ANYONE CAN HELP ME WITH THIS PROBLEM CHEERSSS....

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    I was going to recommend that you contact ubisupport -because the forum can't help because we don't have the kind of technical information to help you. And ubisupport does not close out a support request unless you have said it is resolved. So your request should still be open.

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    Hi, yes you will need to go through technical support. If the issue isn't solved please re-open the ticket by adding more information.

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