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    Developer Tips on early access

    I was looking through GRO youtube videos that were posted in October and December of 2011 and was wondering is there an earlier than phase 1 of closed beta access to games? I was watching GRO but it was also so very different. (link: )
    If there is what would I need to do to get access into something like this?
    If there are no tips for getting into to these and people are just randomly chosen (close ubisoft partners / sponsors) just let me know.
    I think it would be awesome to get beta testing experience (or even alpha testing) earlier.

    I know there is a console closed beta going on right now for Ghost Recon Future Soldier, but haven't figured out how to get in. I know open beta comes out in 2 weeks it would be nice to know how those people were chosen so early (may be they work for ubisoft?)

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    What you're speaking of is Alpha Testing.

    Earn a degree is Game Design, get hired onto a game development team, then test a rough draft of their products looking for bugs that could crash or break the game instead of those little ones that annoy gamers.

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    There's in-house testing of games by the developers and other staff before the game gets into pre-beta (alpha) testing stages most of the time. After that the game progresses to Alpha, a lot of companies will hire dedicated QA testers for stuff like this. In addition, larger companies like Ubisoft and Bioware have been known to offer "Friends & Familiy" (or F&F) invitations to friends and family of the developers and other staff.

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